Welcome To Cityboys

“I didn't just choose the City Life. I commanded it, conquered it, made it kneel before me. That's the City Boys' way, because in this crypto jungle, only the mightiest roar" - City Major

Cityboys represents a groundbreaking venture in the Web3 space, offering a fully immersive virtual world on the Cardano blockchain.

Leveraging the power of generative AI, Cityboys enables users to own, build, and personalize unique experiences within our ecosystem.

Our platform is a testament to the innovative fusion of AI and blockchain technology, designed to gamify online experiences and foster a community of enthusiasts.


Our vision at Cityboys is to redefine online interactions in the Web3 era and lower the barriers to blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption through engaging and gamified experiences. By harnessing the potential of AI and blockchain, we aim to empower users to navigate the evolving digital landscape, maximizing the benefits of digital assets and blockchain innovations.

We envision a platform that is not only accessible and user-friendly but also fosters a vibrant community of Web3 and open-world enthusiasts within the Cardano ecosystem.


The ethos of Cityboys centers on a community-first approach, vital for the longevity and success of any Web3 project. We are committed to delivering a state-of-the-art AI and blockchain-powered platform that is both interactive and entertaining.

Our focus extends to a meticulously designed tokenomics system, with a limited supply of CTB tokens, ensuring that active participants reap the maximum benefits of the Cityboys ecosystem.

How Cityboys Works

To be able to experience Cityboys open world experience, users will have to mint their unique Avatar NFT using $CTB tokens. The power of generative AI enables on-the-fly customization of these avatars, reflecting the user's personality and style. Whether envisioning a samurai or a supervillain, the possibilities are endless.

Avatar ownership is secured as CNFTs on the Cardano blockchain, allowing users to deploy their avatars in the Cityboys world, engage with others, and earn rewards.

Cityboys Gameplay

In the Metaverse, content is king. Cityboys leverages generative AI to streamline content creation, from scripting characters to designing virtual objects and even entire worlds.

Our dynamic universe, accommodating up to 10 concurrent players, offers an urban-themed landscape ripe for exploration and empire-building. Stay tuned for our upcoming gameplay trailer, showcasing the exciting features of Cityboys.

CTB Token (Cityboys Utility Token)

$CTB, our utility token, is integral to the Cityboys ecosystem. As a Cardano Native Token, its total supply is capped at 1 million, with no further minting planned.

The CTB token facilitates various in-game activities, including avatar minting, user point gamification, and purchasing custom upgrades.

CTB Tokenomics

Our tokenomics model is designed to be straightforward and equitable. The distribution is as follows:

  • Team: 5% (Initially locked for 6 months, followed by 5% monthly vesting)

  • Marketing: 5% (Initially locked for 2 months, followed by 2.5% monthly vesting)

  • Research & Development: 10% (Locked for 2 months, followed by 2% monthly vesting)

  • PreSale & Public Sale: 50%

  • Liquidity: 15%

  • Farming: 15%


Phase One

  • Project Unveiling and Community Building

  • Citypaper Release

  • $CTB Presale

Phase Two

  • DEX Listing on Minswap

  • Listings on Coinmarketcap & Coingecko

  • Strategic Partnerships and Integrations

Phase Three

  • Release of CityVerse Layout

  • City Burn Event for $CTB Token

  • Launch of Cityverse V1.0


What is Cityboys?

Cityboys is a pioneering Web3 open-world project powered by the $CTB utility token, built on the Cardano blockchain.

Why $CTB?

In response to the current market dynamics, $CTB aims to empower users to navigate the crypto landscape confidently, fostering a community of forward-thinking individuals.

$CTB Presale Date?

$CTB token Presale kicks off on the 21st of december. Stay connected with us by joining our X, Discord & Telegram community

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